7 common essay writing mistakes Students make

7 common essay writing mistakes

Students make different types of mistakes in writing their essay but there are some common mistakes which many students do in their writing. Here is a checklist to ensure your essay does not have these mistakes. Do not forget, that you can always gradescout online.
Poor page layout and paragraphing: Students do not follow the guidelines for page layout and paragraphing. You must know the format of your essay that is you are going to write.
Plagiarism: Academic writing often requires students to read and incorporate the ideas of other writers into their writing. If you do not acknowledge that the idea is not your own then you are guilty of plagiarism, a horrible academic crime. So you must be careful to clearly mention that which one is your idea and which is someone else idea.
Incorrect references: Even when students are careful about mentioning which ideas are theirs and which originate elsewhere, they often make errors in the format of references.
Contractions and slang: As the academic essays are a formal mode of expression, students should not use the English which they would use in everyday conversation. Students should avoid slang phrases or contractions in the academic essays. For example, students should use “cannot” instead of “can’t”, “excessive” or “extreme” instead of “over the top”, “powerful” or “to a large extent” instead of “in a big way”.
Incomplete sentences: Construction of sentence is actually an invisible art. Students write distorted, incomplete and fragmented sentences. Every good sentence in the essay should have a verb. For example “Twenty-seven different student errors of maximum atrocity.” is the incorrect sentence. The correct sentence is “I counted twenty-seven different student errors of maximum atrocity.”
Spelling errors and word misuse: Spelling errors have no excuses in front of the teacher as you must run a spell check before printing your essay on the paper. Students should also take care of their region like UK English has different spellings then US English. So if you are in the UK and your word processor is set on US English then you must set it on UK English.
Unformatted titles: Many students do not format titles in the proper way. The first letter of the title should be capital and if the title is long like have few words in it then it is not necessary to capitalize the first letter of each word. You can capitalize the major words in your title but conjunctions and prepositions are usually left in lower case.

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