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You are able to write either Situation or Opinion introductions. There’s very little distinction between them.

Situation Introductions

Opinion Introductions

Situation Introductions

Write two sentences to explain the 2 sides from the present situation. The 3rd sentence – the Thesis sentence – will describe what you’re going do inside your essay.

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– Sentence 1: One for reds from the present situation

– Sentence 2: Sleep issues from the present situation

– Sentence 3: Thesis: What you will do inside your essay

Who must take proper care of our old people?

Does Help to Poor Countries Work?

Should harmful sports be banned?

Opinion Introductions

sentence about what you consider

Within this kind you allow two opposite opinions within the first couple of sentences. The 3rd sentence states what you will do.

Do Athletes Deserve Their High Salaries?

In addition to situation or opinion introductions, you should use the next variations:

– Past and offer: One sentence concerning the situation previously, one concerning the situation today.

– Here and Elsewhere: One sentence concerning the situation in one location, one sentence concerning the situation or condition in another place.

– You and folks: One sentence by what many people do or think, one sentence about what you consider, or do, or feel.

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